HTC Touch P3452 (Enhanced)

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Unboxing the HTC Touch (Elf)- By Dovid Feldman

The device we unboxed was the HTC Touch, with the World Wide English Rom made for the European / North American market. This HTC manufactured device is Triband GSM Unlocked (900/1800/1900 MHz), and has GPRS/EDGE and WiFi Data Connectivity.

The Good: One is immediately taken with the HTC Touch's good looks. Black, sleek and thin, this unit is extremely attractive. It fits perfectly into one's palm, feels light and comfortable, and, as usual, has the excellent build quality one expects from HTC. Navigating using the new TouchFLO technology is amazing (See video below), and really offers a new paradigm in touch-screen technology.

The Bad: Although the HTC Touch is Tri-Band unlocked, it is missing 850MHz support, making this PDA Phone a tough decision for Cingular/AT&T users. Also the lack of HSDPA/UMTS is disappointing. Further, the 201MHz OMAP Processor is fine for everyone except power users.

The Bottom Line: The HTC Touch is an extremely good looking, revolutionary device with some great new technology. Early adopters and those who want one of the nicest phones on the market are in for a treat. Power users may be a bit disappointed in the processor speed and lack of 3G, but the its charm and TouchFLO screen may just be too much to resist!

HTC Touch Unboxing Video:

Using the HTC Touch Video:

HTC Touch Overview
Let your fingers guide you with the HTC Touch™, the world’s first phone to feature intuitive touch screen technology.

Surf the web with Internet Explorer®, send and receive email from accounts like Hotmail® and Yahoo!®. Chat on Messenger and send photos to your own web space through Windows Live™.

Optimised for entertainment, the HTC Touch lets you enjoy your favourite music and movie clips through the integrated media suite. You also have the versatility to upload, store and share your media files with microSD™ removable memory.

With Windows Mobile® 6, the HTC Touch also provides instant access to your Outlook® email and the most popular Microsoft® Office applications.

Feel the difference with intuitive TouchFLO™ screen technology for finger and stylus input.

Simple user interface for quick dialing, navigation and launching applications. Surf the web with ease on the large 2.8” touch screen with Internet Explorer®.

Enjoy music and movie clips with HTC’s Audio Manager and Windows Media® Player. Chat on Messenger, send and receive Hotmail® and send photos to Windows Live™ Spaces.

On The Go Warranty Options
Although most devices never need warranty repair, in the event they do, it can be frustrating and very inconvienent. Many of our specialty phones can only be repaired in their country of origin (Australia, Taiwan, Canada, etc) and it can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. We highly recommend some sort of extended coverage for your device. Please choose from the following options.

CPS Extended Warranty
The CPS Extended Warranty acts as a two-year manufacturer's warranty, covering all defects normally handled by the manufacturer, but with the added convienence of service in the USA. With an 800 number, no deductable, 24x7 claims submission, and a quick turn-around time, the CPS Extended warranty is a solid investment for your purchase.

OTG Executive Warranty
Most issues that people have with their phone are due to accidents - broken screens, water damage, damaged housings, etc. The OTG Executive Warranty builds on the strength of the CPS Warranty, but adds accidental damage coverage as well. Again, with coverage for 2 years, an 800 number, and 24 x 7 claims submission, the Executive Warranty is the ultimate protection for your phone.


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